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Flower Essences are essentially a remedy for your energetic and spiritual body. In the Avalon Tradition the belief is that all ailments begin in the Non-physical or energetic realm. By creating and working with Flower Essences, we are able to tap into the unique energy medicine that the natural world can hold for us as spiritual beings and affect healing at the most subtle level of our existence. The most potent time to create Flower Essences is Between Beltane (May 1st) and Lammas (August 1st)* because Mother Nature is in Her full expression. The plants that blossom forth during this time can be extremely powerful energetic medicine if we lean into their wisdom.

*Please note that while we are creating the essences at the height of Summer, they can be worked with the entire year round as needed.

Creating Flower Essences Can Also Help You:

⫸ Tap into the energetic medicine that the plant world holds for you and your spiritual journey.

Unlock the hidden parts of your heart, mind and soul that may need healing in the non-physical realm.

⫸ Create a meaningful relationship with the plant beings and lands that holds you wherever you are.

⫸ Step into a more subtle way of communicating with the plant realm by honing your intuition and ability to receive messages from spirit.

Your Guide
Rachel Jesien

Rachel Jesien's work bridges the physical and spiritual realms to facilitate healing on all levels. Born a natural Seeress and Oracle, her Shamanic Priestess path spans over 15 years and has woven its spiral around the world many times, studying Shamanism in Australia, Peru, Ireland, and most recently she completed a three year Priestess of Avalon initiation within the Glastonbury Goddess Temple, rooted in the Celtic Isles, traditional land of her ancestors. Her spiritual transformation began with a 45 degree scoliotic curvature of her spine, which left her with a broken dance career and paralyzed with pain. Her suffering became a catalyst for transformation as she began studying the physical body in depth, and became an expert in the world of Yoga for Backcare & Scoliosis. As her physical body became more aligned, her psychic abilities opened up exponentially; a gift that had been long suppressed since childhood. She now guides a global community in aligning body, mind and soul through spiritual mentoring and leading Goddess Centered healing ceremonies in the Avalonian tradition. To read more about Rachel's Journey to a Pain free life, Click Here.

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