With this downloadable PDF + Video, Priestess of Avalon, Rachel Jesien, will guide you through a ritual cleansing practice to bless and protect your home & auric field.

In the Celtic Tradition, Yuletide is the celebration of the Old Wise Woman of Winter, who speaks to us on the whispered winds. She clears the clutter from our minds so that we can see through the darkness all that is ready to be manifested in the New Year. Make no mistake, this is not a time for action. In order to receive these soul-led visions, we must make space and prepare ourselves through ritual purifying and cleansing of our Auric Fields and homes.

Now is the time to slow down, let yourself Move into a state of receiving, say no to anything that drains your spirit, and just watch how this making this shift can change your life!

**This ritual can be performed at any time of the year where you feel a fresh start is needed.**

Your Instructor

Rachel Jesien

Rachel has traveled the world, studying yoga, meditation, energy healing and Celtic shamanism. She has been lucky enough to apprentice with incredible Shamans and Priestesses like her dear friend and mentor Yukiko Amaya, and the women of the Priestess of Avalon traditions in Glastonbury, UK. Rachel has had the great honor of working with thousands of clients for over a decade, leading online programs and workshops internationally, and serving as an Ordained Interfaith Minister and Resident Priestess at the River Valley Goddess Temple where she holds bi-monthly Moon Ceremonies and yearlong Priest/ess Initiations within the Avalon Wheel of the Year tradition. While everyone's path to healing is unique, Rachel believes that the beloved souls who find their way to her door (or inbox) are not simply looking to realign their physical bodies. They show up curious, having followed a deeper sense of knowing that these issues are rooted in a misalignment of spirit. Reclaiming her path as a healer and guide has allowed Rachel to finally serve her clients as fully as she’s always known (deep down) was necessary.

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